ErgoCopy Basic

Ergonomic adjustable document holder

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  • ErgoCopy Basic
ErgoCopy Basic

ErgoCopy Basic

A document holder keeps the printed materials needed during computer tasks close to the user and the monitor. Appropriate placement may reduce RSI complaints.

The ErgoCopy Basic document holder avoids neck twisting by bringing the document close to the monitor and keeping it at a readable angle. This also reduces eyestrain by keeping the document at approximately the same distance and angle as the screen.  Most computer users work with loose documents or loose sheets. They are usually placed beside or in front of the keyboard. An awkward posture with curved spine is unavoidable. Also the eyes are used intensively. In this situation is it almost impossible to adopt an ergonomic working posture. The answer is the use of a document holder. The document holder places the documents at a 45-60 degree angle between the keyboard and the monitor. The ErgoCopy Basic is adjustable in 6 levels. It can also be folded away completely what makes it easily transportable and  to be set up everywhere.  The elegant, durable design of the document holders of Ergonomique will provide a modern look at your desk.

Product Specifications

  • Fully folding and easy transportable
  • Adjustable in 6 levels
  • Easy to set up everywhere and also functions as a lectern
  • Modern, lightweight product design
  • Durable and solid design, also holds large, heavy box files.


3 Business days 

Five Years Warranty

Ergonomique guarantees the high quality standards of our products. For that reason we give five years full warranty on all our products.

  • Improves your working posture
  • Reduces discomfort of the head, neck and shoulders when reading documents
  • Keeps your desk neat and tidy

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