Wrist supports

A wrist support is a sensible precaution if you frequently use a computer mouse and keyboard. A wrist support provides direct support for the wrist when using a computer. The wrist supports from Ergonomique are made from high-quality leather and produced by skilled craftsmen. They are easy to clean, which ensures optimum hygiene. Contrary to many other wrist supports with a gel filling, our wrist supports are padded with different layers of firm foam. As a result, the wrist supports retain their original shape even after years of intensive use. The wrist is supported by a generous surface area, and does not sink into the padding and remains in a neutral position. The material, the colour and the design add stylish accents to any workstation.

ErgoPols Classic

£ 102,00 exclusive of VAT

ErgoPols Plus Classic

£ 109,00 exclusive of VAT

ErgoPad Touch

£ 57,00 exclusive of VAT

ErgoPols Deluxe

£ 110,00 exclusive of VAT

ErgoPols Plus Deluxe

£ 125,00 exclusive of VAT

ErgoTouch Wave

£ 139,00 exclusive of VAT