Corona shields

The ErgoShield provides effective aerosol protection for a safe and responsible working environment. Ergonomique offers PVC screens and acrylic screens. PVC is strong, more scratch resistant and practically non-flammable. PVC is also easy to cut to size and can therefore be more easily made to different sizes. Our acrylic screens have a very representative appearance and are crystal clear.

You can place the screens on feet, these are included in the delivery. If desired, ErgoShield 1 and 2 can be suspended from the ceiling. For this purpose, 2 holes have already been made for a hook or cable attachment. You can also purchase a suspension system from us at an extra charge. This can be used with suspended ceilings.

The wider models are very suitable to place between 2 desks that are placed opposite each other. The narrow model (80 * 62.5 cm) offers protection when the desks are placed next to each other. We also recommend that desks that are placed next to a walkway in the office garden should also be protected with the ErgoShield. All models can also be used for counters, reception desks, reception areas, counters, etc.

We have opted for a number of standard sizes but have the possibility to offer a custom solution, feel free to inquire about the possibilities, this only applies to the PVC screens, ErgoShield 1 and 2.

These products are very popular because of the current situation. We strongly recommend to order in time so that we can guarantee delivery. Send an email to for questions.

UPDATE: Delivery time for ErgoShield 1 and 2 is 11-13 June, we will receive a large quantity of these screens on 10 June. ErgoShield 3 and 4 will be delivered on 2 June and will be delivered the next day.

ErgoShield 1 (800)

£ 79,00 exclusive of VAT

ErgoShield 2 (1400)

£ 129,00 exclusive of VAT