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Free trial

Free trial

The ergonomic products from Ergonomique are valuable extra tools for optimising your comfort at work. However you may be deterred by the idea of purchasing a product without first experiencing the benefits of using it at first hand. We fully understand that you may have reservations. So we offer you the opportunity of trying out our comfort-enhancing products free of charge and without obligation. Experience for yourself what our ergonomic aids can do for you. We off you a generous trial period so that you can test our ergonomic products for yourself. Three weeks in fact. At the end of this trial period, we contact you by telephone to hear about your findings. If you are satisfied, you can decide to purchase and we will give you any ergonomic advice you require. But what if you are not completely convinced of the products' added value? No problem. We arrange collection of the products without charge and free of obligation.

3 steps for testing our products without obligation

Step 1  You select which ergonomic products you want to test on our website. You click ‘Free trial” and enter your details. We confirm your request by email.

Step 2  No later than 5 working days after receiving your request, we deliver the products and contact you by telephone to provide instructions on using the product. Now your free trial can start!??

Step 3  After approximately 2 weeks, we contact you again to hear about your findings. If you are satisfied, you can decide to purchase one or more products. We arrange free-of-charge collection of any products that do not satisfy your requirements.??

We feel that a period of approximately 3 weeks is enough to assess a product adequately. However if 3 weeks is not adequate, we can obviously extend the period subject to mutual agreement.??

Satisfied customers
Each year, we send out more than 100,000 test parcels to domestic and foreign companies. This makes Ergonomique's approach unique. And we have been unique for nearly 20 years now. Today, hundreds of thousands of people use products from Ergonomique and they will be joined by many more satisfied customers in the future.