Laptop stands

The restriction laid down in Health and Occupational Safety legislation that limits the use of a laptop to 2 hours a day does not apply if you use an ergonomic laptop stand. Laptop stands ensure a comfortable viewing height for laptop users. The robust and modern design of the laptop stand from Ergonomique differentiates it strongly from other products. A true eye catcher on your desk. These stands are made from very light Hylite aluminium composite and do not incorporate any damage-prone hinges. As a result, they are durable, strong and easy to carry around in all laptop bags. Ergonomique gives away a mini keyboard free of charge with every purchase of an ErgoSummit or ErgoStand laptop stand. These stands allow you to create a healthy and comfortable workstation in any location with the greatest of ease.


£ 119,00 exclusive of VAT


£ 139,00 exclusive of VAT