About us

About us

We help tens of thousands of people to work more comfortably without pain
We have a lengthy 17 year history of developing our own ergonomic products. For example, we design, produce and distribute our wrist supports, footrests, document holders and laptop stands completely in-house.  Professionally and with great craftsmanship. Perfected over many years and literally used by hundreds of thousands of customers in several different countries. As one of the market leaders, Ergonomique produces its products by hand and only uses the finest materials: our real leather wrist support is a typical example. Together with our ergonomics advisers, we guarantee optimum use for the best ergonomic result. We are so convinced of our proven quality that we are the only supplier in the market to offer any and all potential customers a free product trial with no strings attached.

Free trial
Our approach is unique in Europe. You are welcome to try out our products free of charge and without obligation. Each year, we send out as many as 100,000 test parcels to potential customers. Our ergonomics advisers follow up by contacting you to hear about your experiences and offer practical advice regarding use. This ensures that you gain maximum benefit from the ergonomic advantages offered by our products. Obviously our advice is also free of charge and without obligation.

Quality products: wrist support, footrest, laptop stand, keyboard and monitor stand
Ergonomique's range has been put together with the greatest of care and the majority of our products are in-house developments. Customer feedback on using our products plays a major role in our development programmes.  The products are unique and only available from Ergonomique. Our wrist supports, for example, are hand made from high-quality leather and our ergonomic keyboards are offered in collaboration with Microsoft. In-house design and craftsmanship, many years of experience and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. That is our raison d'etre.

Greater working comfort, increased work productivity
We guarantee that the use of our products will create a more comfortable and healthier working environment. With increased work productivity as the result.

We wish you a pleasant day at work!