ErgoCopy Lift

Monitor raiser with document holder.

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  • ErgoCopy Lift
ErgoCopy Lift

ErgoCopy Lift

The ErgoCopy Lift offers a comfortable and correct ergonomic use of the computer. The ErgoCopy Lift is a monitor raiser and a document holder in one. When using the ErgoCopy Lift, your working posture will improve automatically . The ErgoCopy Lift is produced from sustainable, solid material. Most of the health complaints when using the computer are caused by misuse of documents near the computer. The ErgoCopy Lift is a unique combination of a monitor raiser and a document holder. This is a two-in-one solution. Easily adjust the monitor to the correct height and place the documents under the screen. To obtain the correct working position, the top of your monitor should be at eye level. That is why the ErgoCopy Lift is adjustable in several positions. The ErgoCopy Lift has a pullout drawer, this is actually the document holder. You pull it out, set it to the correct height, and place your documents on it. You can now view the screen and documents at the same time. This promotes the correct ergonomic working position. If you are not using the document holder, simply fold and push the drawer back in. The elegant, durable design of the document holders of Ergonomique will provide a modern look at your desk.

Product Specifications

  • Compact, durable and solid design
  • Easy to adjust in several heights 
  • Includes a handy documentholder
  • Holds also large, heavy box files
  • Easy to pull out and to fold in


3 Business days 

Five Years Warranty

Ergonomique guarantees the high quality standards of our products. For that reason we give five years full warranty on all our products.

  • Provides the ideal viewing height and places documents at a practical place
  • Improves your working posture
  • Reduces discomfort of the head, neck and shoulders when reading documents
  • Keeps your desk neat and tidy

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