Monitor stand/riser and document holder

Placing the monitor at the right height is essential to adopting an ergonomically sound posture when working. Ergonomique offers monitor arms, stands and risers that allow simple positioning of the screen at the ideal height. You can adjust the monitor to the desired viewing height in no time. This reduces the risk of neck and back complaints significantly. So a monitor riser from Ergonomique is a valuable addition in creating a healthy workstation when combined with the ergonomic document holder. After all, creating an ergonomically comfortable workstation starts with setting the monitor at the right height and correct positioning of the documents on the desk. This means that your display and documents form a straight line with your monitor. We offer a solution for all workstations that consists of stylish, comfort-enhancing products made from the best materials.  They allow you to create a pleasant and healthy working environment very simply.

ErgoCopy Lift

£ 139,00 exclusive of VAT


£ 144,00 exclusive of VAT

ErgoCopy Basic

£ 119,00 exclusive of VAT

ErgoMonarm Basic

£ 119,00 exclusive of VAT

ErgoMonarm Duo

£ 149,00 exclusive of VAT