Solid laptop stand, adjustable to 7 positions with mini keyboard

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When a laptop is placed flat on the desk, according to the health and safety guidelines it is not allowed to work longer than two hours a day. When using the ergonomic laptop stand this restriction is no longer valid. With the folding ErgoStand you create an ergonomically correct workplace at every location. When working more than two hours at your laptop, the risk of RSI increases. Upper back and neck discomfort and also eye strain is often related to downward viewing angles. When using the ergonomic ErgoStand, the laptop can be placed at the ideal height. The ultralight laptop stand is adjustable to seven positions. The ErgoStand laptop stands are designed extremely compactly. When folded, it will always fit in to your laptop bag. The ErgoStand will be supplied with  the mini keyboard MiniKey Tablet.

Product Specifications

  • Solid design and adjustable to seven positions
  • Folds flat for easy transportation
  • Provided with a chic protective cover, thus fits in every laptop bag
  • Light weight and sustainable material (Hylite Sandwich)
  • Including the mini keyboard MiniKey tablet


3 Business days

Five Years Warranty

Ergonomique guarantees the high quality standards of our products. For that reason we give five years full warranty on all our products.

The solution for:

  • Places the laptop in a correct ergonomic position
  • Stylish product which makes it easy to work comfortable
  • Because of the compact design, you create an ergonomic correct workplace at every location

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