ErgoTouch Wave

Our ergonomic all-in-one solution. Includes Microsoft keyboard

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  • ErgoTouch Wave
ErgoTouch Wave

ErgoTouch Wave

The ErgoTouch Wave is an ergonomic all-in solution. Designed and engineered in cooperation with Microsoft. The ErgoTouch wave solution includes an original ergonomic Microsoft keyboard. The positive results for the ErgoTouch wave on your working environment and posture are scientifically proven!

Frequent PC users are spending an average of 80.000 hours behind their keyboard and mouse!! A wrist support is a very comfortable addition to your daily working environment. The combination of the Microsoft ergonomic soft touch keyboard and the Ergo Touch wrist support provides a perfect and comfortable total solution for every working environment. Our elegant wrist supports are made from high quality genuine leather, easy to clean for optimal hygiene and 100% hypo allergenic. The filling consist of multiple layers of foam for a long lasting retain of the original shape. The wrist is widely supported. The use of material, color and design gives your desk a trendy look.

Uniquely developed by Ergonomique and Microsoft
For more than 20 years the Microsoft corporation has its own ergonomic research and development department. Their specifically designed ergonomic keyboards are known throughout the world. These are primarily used by PC users with RSI related problems. In partnership with Ergonomique, this product has been enhanced with a genuine leather wrist support with mouse mat. Together Ergonomique and Microsoft have produced a unique and effective ergonomic solution. This enables every PC user to adopt a correct ergonomic position.

Scientifically tested and approved
The ErgoTouch Wave has been tested and approved by Microsoft's inhouse experts. It has also been tested independently by Dr. van Deurzen from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. These findings indicate that the ErgoTouch provides a more relaxed way of working. It has also shown that users of the ErgoTouch Wave effortlessly improve their ergonomic working position. If you spill a cup of tea or coffee over the ErgoTouch Wave, don’t worry. This is not a disaster as the keyboard is water resistant. The ErgoTouch Wave is hygienic and easy to clean.

Product Specifications

  • Genuine leather wrist support 100% hypo allergenic
  • Multiple layers of foam for a long lasting retain of the original shape
  • Plug & Play
  • Soft Touch keyboard
  • Water resistant; easy to clean; maximum hygiene


3 work days

Five Years Warranty

Ergonomique guarantees the high quality standards of our products. For that reason we give five years full warranty on all our products.

  • 6% curved Microsoft keyboard for optimal positioning of hand and wrist
  • Scientifically proven results
  • ErgoTouch distributes the pressure of the wrist and improves your posture automatically
  • Creates a neutral position of the wrist

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